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Our Mission

As a church we seek to make disciples that are growing in their love for God, One Another, and The World.


Our Plan

We seek to grow in our love for God and our love for others through the four biblical principles of Worship, Fellowship, Outreach, and Service.


How You Can Get Involved in this Mission and Plan 

Worship Services

Worship: We offer three worship services a week that provide wonderful opportunities           to learn about God and worship Him as the Lord Most High.

Sunday School Classes 

Fellowship and Outreach: Our Sunday School Classes provide a great opportunity to fellowship with fellow believers of Jesus Christ. Every Sunday morning our Sunday School Classes gather to study God's word, pray together, and enjoy the things of God together. Our Sunday School Classes also provide opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each Sunday School Class has adopted an area of the community to serve and evangelize for the glory of God.


Ministry Teams

Service: Our Ministry Teams provide excellent opportunities to get involved in serving others within the church. Each ministry team is designed to meet the needs of the visitors and members within the church. Whether it is greeting those visiting the church, serving the children and youth ministries, or serving the adult members of the church there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.  

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